Day 7 – Dick’s Creek Gap to Standing Indian Mountain

Began the day with a “hearty” breakfast of sugary cereal and milk. Took the shuttle to Dicks Creek Gap to start the day. Took a couple of Advil for my left knee pain and began the day. The walk began uphill and I ended up walking with Ghost. Most people go by trail names here. Ghost has acquired his name because he has a light step and walks rather silently. The first time you know he’s there is when he passes you. We spent some time walking and talking. He’s a cyber security expert who was hiked extensively around the world. He has walked the entire length of the Camino in Spain. It was raining and he was was wearing shorts, trail shoes, and a t-shirt. The idea is you are either going to sweat or get rained on, so you may as well wear something that will dry out. This is the approach that many experienced hikers seem to take. I decided to follow suit and took off my jacket . My shirt got wet, but soon dried out.

Ghost walked at my pace for a while, but after about 45 min, he picked up the pace, and, like a Ghost, was gone.

Was going to stop at Muskrat Shelter after about 12 miles, but felt good, so walked on to Standing Indian Shelter. Starting to get my trail legs. Found a tent site at Standing Indian Shelter and hung my first bear bag.

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